10 Things Your Pharmacist Wants You To Know


1. Don’t keep medicine in the washroom.

The bathroom is possibly the last place in residence where you must maintain your drug– specifically your tablets, tablets, or capsules. Why? Due to the fact that the dampness as well as extreme temperature changes could weaken your medicines or trigger your medicines to ruin before their expiry dates. You’& rsquo; re better off maintaining your medicines on your night table or in a cooking area cupboard far from the stove. Simply make sure when grandkids come visit that medications are stored someplace safely away and unseen.

2. Don’t flush medicine down the toilet.

With the exception of certain discomfort medications, the majority of medications shouldn & rsquo; t be flushed down the bathroom. Numerous drugs do not break down totally in water, and also traces of medicines have been discovered in drinking water as a direct outcome of purging extra drugs down the commode. Below’s what you ought to do:

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