17 Qualities Your Conservative Mother Really Wishes You Would Look For In A Boyfriend


1. He wants to obtain wed when possible. His desire stag party is a little event of lads using Sperrys on a boat somewhere. Everybody will certainly be asleep prior to twelve o’clock at night. IPAs only, no pole dancers.

2. He has a quite generic name, just like you. Theres a high possibility your mama will certainly not even have to literally fulfill him to offer her approval if he has a II or III in his complete name.

3. He has a clean record of never ever having actually worn flip flops in his whole life. Youre not precisely sure why this is a priority.

4. He visited a little liberal fine arts university in a cornfield somewhere. He’s done a keg stand to show he’s enjoyable, but it certainly wasn’t a party institution.

5. He could toooootally value fine art as well as literature, however he didn’t go batshit as well as go after the liberal arts in university (like you did). Your mother assumes he’s exceptionally skilled for passing the Fine art History AP Test in secondary school, however still majored in Econ. Why couldn’t you do that?

6. Strong handshake. Non-negotiable.

7. He would certainly never, ever before really feel comfortable enough around your moms and dads to call them by their first names. Despite just how much they like him, they’ll like him a lot more if he’s open regarding being a little frightened of them.

8. He is just one of the following careers: medical professional, medical professional, doctor, medical professional, physician, physician, doctor, physician, doctor, medical professional, investment lender, doctor, doctor, physician, medical professional, doctor, physician.

9. It would be a plus if he were a Kennedy. Didnt Taylor Swift date one? Certainly you can find one too?

10. If you cant lock down a Kennedy, Rory Mcllroy or Jordan Spieth are likewise great.

11. He contends least one custom match lying around. Just in instance.

12. He enjoys the outdoorshowever not to the point where your mother asks to understand just what she did to you adulting that led to you dating a hippie. Like, he can not have a beard and also should not really feel comfortable going 2 days without showering. Your mother would have a brain aneurysm.

13. He knows how to throw the excellent spiral. He could throw a no-hitter baseball game if he really places his mind to it. He when clocked in his offer at 70mph during his university tennis team days. He’s one of those people that suggests working out when you have period aches.

14. His favorite different colors are red, white, and blue. He will probably grow up to be Jack Donaghy.

15. He chooses spending car trips hearing NPR rather than Top 40. He covertly admits to you and your mommy that he utilized to have a strange crush on Diane Rehm.

16. He backpacked in South America. Yet he totally believes it’s cute that you studied abroad in Europe. He’s existed also but, you recognize, he actually wished to use study abroad as a justification to tip outside his convenience area and also change a few other people‘s lives at the exact same time. It’s terrific that you just obtained intoxicated in Barcelona with your close friends. Does your mom know he skied in Patagonia?

17. He has something thats monogrammed.

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