2 Years + 300,000 Photos = One Awesome 4K Timelapse Through Europe

Patience is an extraordinary timelapse collection by professional photographer Paul Richardson . The brief movie was shot over 2 years of journeys through Europe (and a couple other places around the globe) and includes approximately 300,000 pictures. In his YouTube description , Richardson includes:

“ Shooting timelapse needs a great deal of persistence and forward believing. Some shots took numerous efforts to obtain the ideal light, others needed entire days simply to catch a couple of seconds of video footage. There€™â € ™ s a cautious balance of attempting to anticipate the future, and simply being figured out enough to do everything it requires to get the shot.

” For example, the milkyway chance at 1:23 was the outcome of a 4 day shoot going after the milkway in Wales. I keeping upped every night, driving around searching for clear spots in the night sky. In 4 days all I handled to catch was a series of 50 images. ”

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