5 Celebrity AMAs That Went (Entertainingly) Bad


I’ve prowled around Reddit more than I care to confess. The subreddit r/AMA is especially interesting, since the variety of individuals who believe anybody appreciates the time they pooped themselves or consumed their own boogers is honestly incredible.

But in some cases abundant, well-known, and effective individuals– even the president of the United States– will choose to let their inner narcissist shine and let the masses inquire anything through Reddit. When among those abundant, well-known, and effective individuals takes place to be an overall idiot, Reddit reacts in a most remarkable style.

# 5. Woody Harrelson Doesn’t Understand How AMAs Work, Gets Accused Of Statutory Rape

It’s quite conventional practice for celebs to have other individuals assisting them preserve a social-media existence. Hillary Clinton, for instance, indications tweets that she typed all by herself with a “-H,” and it’s completely possible that Kim Kardashian has aid with her selfies . Woody Harrelson, on the other hand, obviously could not spend lavishly on an overdue government student to intern for him, so he had the world’s worst Public Relations representative manage an AMA for him .

The only factor Harrelson was doing an AMA was to promote the motion picture Rampart, which Roger Ebert claims was a terrific film however Reddit didn’t offer 2 shits about. Actually the very first real concern published on the AMA had to do with Harrelson’s separated agreement killer daddy , and after that things just worsened. Despite the fact that Reddit asked an entire lot of really good concerns relating to Harrelson’s acting profession, the very first thing he felt was worthy of a response had to do with the time he obviously took the virginity of an intoxicated 17-year-old lady . Supposedly.

Woody’s reaction:

There’s an opportunity that Reddit may’ve let this go if he had not included that last sentence. By asking Reddit to concentrate on something, in this case his motion picture, it ended up being clear that this was simply a Public Relations stunt, and they tore into him like a young puppy into a squeaky toy. There was to be no grace.

Finally, some Redditors discovered a couple grammatical errors suggesting that this had not been even Woody Harrelson; it was an actually shitty press agent who could not be troubled to keep “Woody’s” reactions in the first-person with 100 percent consistency. As soon as this discovery spread throughout the AMA, it was an overall shitshow. Individuals began directing remarks straight to that press agent, who I can just think of lied directly to Harrelson’s face about how excellent the AMA went and most likely needed to pay off Roger Ebert for that evaluation.

# 4. Ann Coulter’s AMA Just Broke, Somehow

Ann Coulter is a lot of things that I wished to be when I matured: tall, blonde, and a legal representative. Rather, I matured to be 5-foot-4 with brown hair and a sense of compassion. She likewise appears to have goals to be a funny author, and based upon her reactions in this AMA , we’ve got an entire site here beating her on that front.

The very first concern had to do with her viewpoint on the rights of trans individuals. She really has some actually misdirected gay buddies in reality, so it’s possible she might have created a reaction such as, “They can do whatever they desire, however not with my tax dollars!” Rather, she provided a line out of a UCB Improv 101 class, and Reddit was not entertained.

That was, for whatever factor, the only concern she had the ability to respond to prior to something simply … broke. A mediator needed to step in to verify that she was having a problem with the website, which is sort of to be gotten out of folks over the age of 50 utilizing Reddit. One Redditor did the work of the saints and put together Coulter’s concerns and responses all into one post.

She developed a brand-new account, got style included so it was verified to be her, and went on to simply be much more complicated.

Hm, it’s practically like she has an issue with immigrants or something. It appears she’s a little self-hating. She appears to have some sort of issue with females voting.

Frankly, in between the mix-ups of posts in between several accounts, countless remarks that didn’t actually get anything throughout, and the blinding white screen of the Reddit website, this was a problem to need to review. I’m simply pleased I got a string of waffle dishes out of it.

# 3. Perez Hilton Defends His Own Nonsense

It’s truly simple to dislike somebody whose selected pen name is a lazy bastardization of somebody else’s genuine name. When they’re Perez Hilton, it’s even much easier to dislike that individual. For anybody who’s been smart enough to prevent his word-vomit over the past, oh God, it’s been over 10 years? Actually? Jesus. Anyways, he’s a blog writer who got his start in LGBT media then continued to shit all over the goodwill he had actually developed by ending up being popular for outing stars on his blog site.

This is details that was not lost on Reddit , and unlike a great deal of individuals in this short article, he really stood his ground and aimed to safeguard his actions.

Look, I’ve been composing on the web for a couple of years myself, which’s a load of crap, Perez. I value my readers tremendously, I ‘d have to see a degree from cooking school prior to I accepted a supper welcome from any of them, and even then I ‘d most likely still bring a can of bear mace along, simply in case.

The concept of an individual bullying gay individuals since he’s gay himself is a worn out sufficient trope that even Glee dragged it out for a few seasons, so the issue here is that Perez Hilton is out and proud. Beyond sociopathy, there’s virtually no description for the method he performs himself on his websites. Yes, websites, plural. I needed to fact-check that, too. Perez asserts that he’s stopped outing individuals, which Snopes would most likely call a “Mixture.” Perez states it’s been 4 to 5 years because he’s done anything especially dreadful, posts from as just recently as a couple weeks ago claim to support “gay-baiting” celebs like Nick Jonas, a target he’s been at for a while now.

It ‘d be something if he was simply another shitty celeb chatter device, however he’s attempted to coordinate with Dan Savage to promote assistance for kids who are being bullied, making Perez Hilton a hypocrite worth blogging about and a high-functioning sociopath.

# 2. Wyclef Jean Defends Wasting Charity Money

We’ve sort of currently covered how bad the Fugees as a whole are, so a few of this ought to be old news, however let’s simply unload the catastrophe zone that was Wyclef Jean’s Reddit AMA.

It started innocuously enough, as a couple of Redditors inquired about things like who his preferred artists to deal with are. Shit got nasty.

Jean cannot be the very first insane star to have governmental goals, however it triggered a firestorm of commentary about how he is even less certified to call himself Haitian than Ted Cruz is to call himself American. Chief amongst those remarks is most likely this one, because similar to hips, monetary records do not lie.

So essentially that’s a paragraph-long summary of about $9 million in scams. A couple other remarks resolved this things, most likely making Jean sweat more than island heat. He basically banged his forehead onto the keyboard to work out a reaction, which is the only genuine factor we can figure for this.

Like we stated, simply stop paying attention to the Fugees.

# 1. John Rocker Is Still A Caricature Of A High School Jock

From about 1994 to 2001, the Cleveland Indians were probably the best group in baseball. As a child growing up in Northeast Ohio in the 1990s, this implied my function designs were people like Manny “I dislike press reporters” Ramirez (whose mint-condition novice card I still have) and Albert “I required one of my minions to crawl through an air shaft” Belle. Those people were terrific ballplayers even if they were less-than-perfect individuals, however they were goddamned saints as compared to our valued 2001 acquisition, John Rocker.

Rocker had actually been a showboat and a loudmouth his whole profession, and blue-collar Cleveland was less than enthused with his shit. He didn’t last a lot longer in the majors due to carry injuries, which were most likely brought on by the incredible chip on them he hauled around that was based upon the concept that he was much better than anybody who looked various from him. Over a years later on, his completely unneeded AMA exposed that it obviously had not disappeared.

Right off the goddamned bat (pun 100 percent planned), he exposed that he didn’t understand exactly what Breaking Bad was, which is a terrific method to present yourself to the web at big.

Apparently, for as much as Cleveland disliked having him around in 2001, Mets and Braves fans were method more tired of his shit than I might have perhaps understood. Here’s a little smattering of how that decreased.

The interesting thing was that he really had some important things to state when it concerned real baseball-related concerns, such as the tension of being the closer of a ballgame, who he believed was the hardest batter to pitch to, and this believed on the best ways to avoid steroid usage.

Now that I’ve got this from my system, I simply have to see an AMA from Chris Perez about the best ways to mail pot to my canine , and I can rest in peace.

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