5 Theories About Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Because I Refuse To Believe Hes Gone Forever


The period 6 opened starts with the best as well as essential part of the program: The face of my future sweetheart, or as several of you call him, Jon Snow. Unfortunately, Jon is dead, and also he remains by doing this for the rest of the episode. Still, Im hopeful that hell come back to me life at some point.

Here are my precise concepts as to exactly how and why Jon Snow will be resurrected:

Concept 1: If you can hear his voice, he cannot be dead.

If youve watched the trailer for season 6, you know its difficult to recognize much of exactly what anyone is stating. However you additionally recognize that towards completion, you could listen to Jon Snows voice. He states something along the lines of, blah blahI went to sleep for a year however I got up, blah blah. If you do not think me, watch the trailer on your own! This is STRONG evidence that heck be back. Theonly real inquiry is:

Concept 2: If his body never ever burned, he can not be absolutely dead.

If you remember, anybody whos passed away beyond the wall or near Castle Black must be melted to death to stay clear of ending up being a flesh eating zombie device. Jon Snow did not become a dead zombie after his death, which confirms that his spirit is around somewhere and that hes possibly returning one way or another.

Concept 3: He’ll be reanimated by the powers of dark magic.

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As Jon Snow is stabbed by his besties, he murmurs Ghost(his wolfs name), and promptly appears tranquil. Its possible that his spirit leaves his body and also enters Ghosts equally as he says the wolfs name, meaning that hes still active in some way. That would likewise revealed why we listen to Ghost barking at the start of season 6. Ghost is either barking because Jon Snows spirit is somewhere nearby, or because or Jon Snow is Ghost. Given that Jons younger bro, Bran Stark, is a warg, this theory

isn’t all that unlikely.

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