6 Breathtaking Places To Keep A Blu-Ray Disc Of Hidalgo


The world has plenty of lovely locations to keep a copy of this 2004 action-adventure movie.

1. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

These 120-foot large rock deals with that plunge into the churning Atlantic listed below are really sensational natural gems, and a terrific area to stow away a Blu-ray copy of Hidalgo. Whether its put on the lavish green fields above or situateded in the rocky shoals listed below, theres no incorrect option at this amazing place.

2. Nailed to the huge sequoia tree General Sherman

If youre trying to find a more safe location to put your sensational 1080p copy of Hidalgo, conceal it away in a breathtaking natural treasure of your picking. A rich meadow; a rising mountain pass; a long-forgotten brook no matter where you put it, make certain not to inform anybody.

5. Huge Sur

Oh my God, Big Sur is simply incredible.

6. Well balanced on top of another Blu-ray copy of Hidalgo

Via Touchstone Pictures

Majesty satisfies majesty. There are really no words to explain such a stirring tableau, and no equivalent to it anywhere on this earth.

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