77-Year-Old Congressional Candidate Busted With 180 Pot Plants


A 77-year-old congressional prospect implicated of growing 180 pot plants does not believe her political passions have actually failed.

On May 20, authorities in Crossville, Tennessee, robbed the house of Flo Matheson, who is running in the Democratic primary for the 6th District congressional seat.

Detectives stated they ended up being mindful of an indoor grow operation on Matheson’s building and acquired a search warrant, according to a department news release.

Matheson informed WATE TELEVISION that authorities robbed her house and a barn on her land.

They discovered more than 180 cannabis plants and grow devices, according to Steve Harrington, who survives Matheson’ s home and confessed growing the pot.

Crossville cops taken weapons, money and the pot. Matheson and Harrington spokened the authorities likewise took a generator, weed eater, pressure washer, TVs, a computer system, van and a four-wheeler.

However, Harrington stated other than for a couple of quickly exchangeable light bulbs, the authorities left all the grow devices.

Both Harrington and Matheson have actually been arraigned for running a grow operation, according to the New York Daily News.

Although Matheson rejects finding out about the grow operation, she confesses to having 2 ounces of cannabis at the time of the raid.

“ I smoke cannabis, ” Matheson informed NBC News. “ I ’ m guilty, I did it. ”

Now she hopes the indictment assists light a fire under her project.

“ I actually put on ’ t remorse that this taken place, ” Matheson stated.”It ’ s been a life-changing experience for me because it has actually made me more defiant and identified to attempt and get these laws altered.”


Still, Matheson rejects having any understanding of the growing operation, and Harrington backs her up on that.

“The only thing this female is guilty of is assisting a homeless handicapped veterinarian who betrayed her trust,” he informed the Tennessean.

Before the raid, Harrington, 60, was currently serving monitored probation for being associated with a growing operation.

Harrington spokened the weed he was growing at Matheson’s house was for individual usage.

Matheson preserves that the cannabis in her ownership originated from another pal who owed her cash.

“ I think I would spoken I smoke it about 2 or 3 times a week, ” she informed NBC News.

The Congressional Democratic Primary is arranged for Aug. 4, and Matheson spokened she’s going to work even more difficult to have actually cannabis legalized.

“They have actually inspired me,” she informed the paper.

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