A College Seniors Very Realistic Resume

If you wish to live the life you were implied to live, you need to own who you arestrengths, weak point, vulnerabilities, and all. You need to opt to be you each and every single day rather of letting other individuals viewpoints or concepts determine the options you make. In collaboration with Taco Bell and their Feed The Stories program, were bringing you genuine stories by a few of Thought Catalogs most appealing authors who stick out as people dedicated to living life to the outright maximum.

Name: Basic, You Can Tell Im Blonde And From Connecticut

Address: Shitty Student Housing; Living With Three Savages Who Definitely Will Not Tell Me If You Actually Mail Me A Letter

Phone: I do not address calls from odd numbers unless they leave a voicemail, is that going to be a problem?

Email: Look! I went to a great school!


The Trending News Sidebar On Facebook


HGTVs Fixer Upper


College trainee who sweatout the last months of the expected finest 4 years of her life. Stressed. Surviving on a stringent diet plan of coffee and Adderall. Trying to find a task that will impress her moms and dads pals so that her moms and dads leave her alone. Required an income that would permit her to reside in a single bed room in a significant city while likewise continuing to support her Amazon Prime dependency.

Ideal position would be anything that wouldnt need her to use heels or trousers.


Chef, My Apartment

Have been informed my quesadillas are hella dank.

Bullshitter, ENG10A

Assigned a 10-page last paper on Beowulf. In some way finished and extremely valued by TA, regardless of just handling to check out the very first 5 lines prior to taking off into flames.

Research Assistant, Facebook

Totally discovered that lady who texted John back in November and now understand she had side bangs in 2009.


Extensive understanding of virtually all male stars real heights

Can stop an intoxicated lady from weeping in under 5 minutes

Befriending individuals who have easy-to-remember passwords on their Netflix accounts

Microsoft Excel

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