‘All-star team of the worst of the worst’: alleged leaders of Hobos gang go on trial


Prosecutors state the accuseds killed, incapacitated and tortured their method into managing the most rewarding drug markets on Chicagos south side

Six supposed leaders of the Hobos street gang went on trial Wednesday in a case that is anticipated to offer an uncommon appearance inside the criminal activity sustaining weapon violence in the countries third-largest city.

Prosecutors state the offenders killed, impaired and tortured their method into managing the most financially rewarding drug markets on Chicagos south side. The trial is the most significant of its kind in current city history, and statement is anticipated to last for months.

Federal district attorney Patrick Otlewski informed jurors that the 6 males accuseded of racketeering are a dream team of the worst of the worst who terrified the city.

You will check out the eyes of killers … every day, he stated in opening declarations.

The lawyer for supposed Hobos manager Gregory Chester informed jurors that his customer resisted all chances to make it through in exactly what he called the cauldron where these males matured without chances.

This case has to do with that location, Beau Brindley stated. He acknowledged that Chester offered drugs to associates however stated he had absolutely nothing to do with running a gang.

He likewise informed jurors that cops were annoyed that they might not get Chester to work together that they made proof recommending he was a Hobos leader.

At the center of this case is authorities lies, Brindley stated.

Among the accuseds is declared Hobos hitman Paris Poe, who district attorneys state eliminated a federal government witness in 2013, shooting the guy 25 times at close quarters while his horrified stepchildren, ages 4 and 6 at the time, shrieked in the rear seats of an automobile. The four-year-old later informed private investigators the Boogie Man had actually assaulted them, according to court filings.

As the district attorney explained the witness death to jurors, he strolled towards Poe sitting behind a defense table, raising his voice.