An ugly truth about America behind Hillary Clinton’s ‘reservation’ comment


(CNN)I was sitting at home Friday when, in the background, I heard the ugly expression leap out from the TV.Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was being interviewed on CNN’s”The Lead”with Jake Tappe r when she made use of a blistering term rooted in racism against Native Americans to explain Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate.Native American stars stroll off set of Adam Sandler film”It perpetuates the concept that Native Americans reside only on appointments,”he informed me Monday, though today 7 from 10 Native Americans live in cities.”It also pins Native Americans to a specific time and also place … it maintains native people from being modern.”Certainly, it is already bothersome that many people make use of the rotten term without a reservation. It is

    a lot more problematic when a leading governmental candidate utilizes it while claiming to be close with today’s Native American communities.Maybe get in closer, Madam Secretary?Follow @CNNOpinion Join us on CNNOpinion.Read CNNOpinion’s Flipboard magazine.Read a lot more: