Arianna: This Is A ‘Key Moment’ For Breaking Our Addiction To Our Devices


Today, HuffPost editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington sat down with reporter David Gregory to speak about the importance of rest, looking internal, and occasionally separating from our devices.

“We should restore ascendancy over our gadgets, because at the moment, the majority of us are absolutely addicted,” Huffington claimed.

< br/ >“Our world has ended up being also outward-driven and that pattern of going inward to refuel has been truly short-circuited. “To ensure that’& rsquo; s what we have to regain. And without it everything is experiencing –– our wellness, our connections, our leadership. It’& rsquo; s truly a quite essential moment for us to be having this discussion.”

Gregory’& rsquo; s podcast, The David Gregory Show, released in April. You could hear the full discussion right here. Read more: