Bill Cosby’s eyesight is too poor to identify accusers, defense lawyers say


Attorneys state comic was a pawn utilized by district lawyer Kevin Steele to win election as they look for to have sexual attack case thrown away

Bill Cosbys vision has actually degraded to the point where he can not determine his accusers in pictures or otherwise aid with his defense, his attorneys stated Wednesday as they waged a multi-pronged effort to obtain the sexual attack case versus the 79-year-old comic tossed out.

His lawyers likewise represented Cosby as a political pawn who is being prosecuted just since a rural Philadelphia district lawyer utilized the general public furor over the comic to obtain chosen in 2015.

And they restored their argument that Cosbys lurid 2005 deposition from an associated claim must not be confessed at his trial, stating he responded to concerns under oath just after being guaranteed he would not be accuseded of a criminal activity.

Cosby leaned back in his chair as his attorneys made their case to a judge at the pretrial hearing.

The Cosby Show star when called Americas Dad is arranged to go on trial in June on charges he molested and drugged Andrea Constand, a previous Temple University staff member, at his house in 2004. He might get 10 years in jail.

Cosby has stated the encounter was consensual. He is totally free on $1m bail.

Dozens of extra accusers have actually stepped forward, consisting of 13 ladies whom district attorneys wish to call as witnesses at the trial to reveal that they were drugged and broken in comparable style. Cosbys attorneys are combating that technique.

Defense lawyer Angela Agrusa argued that district attorneys unjustly prejudiced Cosby by waiting a years to pursue Constands grievance. The defense stated Cosby had memory issues and was likewise lawfully blind, providing a medical report that stated he was blind in his best eye and had glaucoma in both eyes.

In the products they turned over, the pictures, Mr Cosby can not take a look at any proof or a picture and assist his counsel or discuss who those individuals are, Agrusa stated.

However, district attorneys stated Cosby himself triggered the hold-up by battling efforts by the Associated Press in 2006 and once again in 2014 to unseal his statement in Constands 2005 suit. District attorneys stated it was not up until a judge unsealed the product in 2015 that they discovered that Cosby had actually confessed to a series of affairs and acknowledged getting quaaludes to provide to females prior to sex.

He had actually never ever confessed to utilizing effective drugs to assist in sex with females. Thats a huge offer, the deputy district lawyer Robert Falin stated. In our case, it goes to exactly what did he provide to Andrea … I believe any affordable district attorney would have reevaluated at the case.

Cosbys attorneys have actually likewise argued that he sat for the deposition just after the then district lawyer, Bruce Castor , assured he would never ever deal with arrest in the Constand case.

Cosbys lawyers are utilizing that expected pledge to aim to get the case thrown away or, stopping working that, to keep the deposition from being utilized at his trial. The judge did not right away rule on the problem.

They are likewise concentrating on the project fight in between Castor and the existing district lawyer, Kevin Steele, in ins 2015 election in Montgomery County. Steele ran news release and TELEVISION commercials assaulting Castor for not prosecuting Cosby.

Steele made Cosby a pawn because election, Agrusa argued.

His cause clbre ended up being assaulting Mr Cosby, mentioning openly that his challenger had actually not been aggressive enough, had actually refrained from doing his task, she stated. And now hes in a scenario where hes got to act upon it.

At another point, Agrusa stated: My customer is not a meme. Hes a person. And his rights have actually been stomped by ego and aspiration.

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