Body Image Win! Just Added 300 Pounds And Counting As A Synonym For Beautiful


Well, this is simply the very best.

Over the previous couple of years, society has actually made significant strides towards acknowledging that bodies are gorgeous, not simply the ones that fit particular impractical, fixed concepts. No place is this development more apparent than in the current news that included 300 pounds and counting as a synonym for stunning.


The world continues to relocate the instructions of body positivity, and is right there in the lead. With the addition of 300 pounds and counting to the lovely page, is accepting the variety of physique that comprise the world, noting the expression amongst such conventional synonyms as attractive, beautiful, and spectacular.

Just yes. Exactly what an effective, definite affirmation of human charm.

Oh, and as if this news couldnt get any much better, highlighted 300 pounds and counting in orange, suggesting that the site considers it to be among the most pertinent synonyms for gorgeous. Remarkable.

Theres still a long method to go, however this is an ideal example of how the world is ending up being far more accepting when it pertains to how we think of body image. Its absolutely hard to picture something like this taking place 10 years earlier.

Way to go,!

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