Boy who grew out hair for cancer patients faces stage 4 diagnosis


(CNN) A boy that grew out his hair for cancer survivors is now dealing with

his own have problem with the illness. Vinny Desautels’parents at first assumed seasonal allergic reactions were responsible for his puffy right eye. Rounds of examinations disclosed the 7-year-old from Roseville, California, is dealing with stage 4 cancer cells.
The family is waiting for final confirmation from medical professionals that Vinny has Ewing’s sarcoma, a kind of growth that forms in bone or soft cells. The second-grader is set up to start treatment today, beginning with a bone marrow biopsy and chemotherapy, said his dad, Jason Desautels.
    < ul course=" cn"cn-list-hierarchical-xs cn-- idx-4 cn-zoneadcontainer"> “We understand it’s cancer cells, stage 4, since it dispersed in two different places and also it’s hostile,”he said.”
    Now we’re aiming to find out just what we’re dealing with so we can develop a strategy.” Vinny’s eye began getting”squintier” in March, Desautels claimed. They tried prescription eye drops and allergy medicine with no success. Vinny began suffering a hurting knee and his moms and dads saw his hip was puffy.
    < div course ="read-more-button" > That’s when they truly started to get worried. A browse through to the emergency room on April 28 and also an X-ray disclosed a substantial development on his appropriate hip.