Brad and Angelina’s marriage is over: can we kill Team Jolie v Team Jen feud, too?


With the news Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are applying for divorce, the web has actually restored an early 2000s competition however 11 years later on, its looking sexist and worn out

I ts Tuesday afternoon and the present status of the web is hyperventilating. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are declaring divorce . Yep, Brangelina is over and individuals are going brananas however the spotlight isn’t really Brad or Angie and even Shiloh. No, its on Jennifer Aniston. Once again.

Its been 11 years because the 2 split, but the Brangelina separation has actually triggered causal sequences all over social networks, with gifs and memes of a happy Aniston flooding Twitter and Facebook. Offline there is comparable enjoyment. Hair stylists have lots of females requiring a Rachel to promise uniformity for Jen. Workplaces are empty as individuals go out to discover and attempt that Team Jolie t-shirt theyre quite sure is still in their closet. In lower Manhattan I observed one lady sobbing outside Goodwill. I understood I shouldnt have actually contributed my Team Jolie t-shirt away in 2015 she stated, in between tears.

I might be overemphasizing a little however just somewhat. Individuals truly, actually appreciate the expected Jolie v Jen competition. This mostly imaginary fight lasted longer than Brad Pitts marital relationship to Aniston and Jolie integrated. Why?


year 2000.”src =”″/> wonderfully put it : a blood-smeared drug addict. She notoriously wed Jonny Lee Miller using a white T-Shirt with his name smeared on it in blood. A couple of years later on Jolie dated a female having the nerve to do so unapologetically prior to bisexuality ended up being stylish.

While Angelina Jolie moved more into the mainstream in the early 2000s, she was still quite understood for her edgy past. When Brad Pitt ended his five-year marital relationship with Jennifer Aniston in 2005, the media were fast to turn the story into a familiar story of Wronged Woman v Evil Seductress. The story ended up being less about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie and more about various stereotypes of ladies. You were either a bad woman or an excellent lady. A Jen or a Jolie. Who you supported stated something about who you were.

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It’s taking place

Which is why the Team Jolie/Team Aniston T-shirts developed by LA store Kitson in 2005 flew off the rack. They werent a lot a style declaration as a declaration about their user. And many people, it appeared, wished to inform the world they were a Jen. The Team Aniston t-shirts offered 25 times faster than Team Jolie to start with. The appeal of the Team T-shirts assisted sustain the competition. Taking it out of the chatter mags and into individuals closets. Making it part of pop culture. Due to the fact that it was a hassle-free method to talk about exactly what a female needs to and shouldnt be, #peeee

Over the years the competition stayed a media pillar. Jennifer was a barren spinster, bad Jen! Jolie, once again, was the polar reverse. A fertile earth mom. Were beginning to like Angelina Jolie now! Shes altered!

But everything need to end. The clock has actually lastly abandoned this story. Its not the 90s any more: its a female Clinton running for president and the Pokmon are in enhanced truth. Whats more, its no more appropriate or so simple to discuss Jolie and Aniston in regards to tropes.

Jolie has actually invested years dealing with the United Nations, ending up being a crucial supporter for refugees . Aniston is not bad Jen. Shes wed to Justin Theroux and has actually had an effective film profession . Simply put, theyre both extremely skilled females who are a lot more than their wombs and their males. Naturally, they constantly were, its simply that its not so simple for the media to pigeonhole them.

Whats more, Id want to believe it not makes much sense for the media to pit females versus each other in this worn out, sexist method anymore. The appeal of TELEVISION programs like Broad Cityand the Beyoncfication of feminismhas been a wake-up call to the media that ladies aren’t simply thinking about whether the woman is getting the man they wish to see female relationships and uniformity. I recommend we take this chance to end the Jolie/Jen competition as soon as and for all.

Indeed, Im all up for a contemporary plot twist. Exactly what do you reckon? A Mrs and Mrs Smith motion picture, anybody?

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