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Can A Voting Machine Be Hacked?


It took a$4 computer system chip, and an Ivy League Ph.D, to obviously hack a ballot maker.

“If you change the computer system program in a ballot maker, then it will build up the votes in a various method, “stated Princeton University Professor Andrew Appel.

Appel, who is the Eugene Higgins teacher of computer technology and up until in 2015 the director of the graduate program, concentrates on computer system security and ballot systems– and states he requires simply”7 minutes alone”with a ballot maker to damage it.

“[ Changing the program] might move votes around from one prospect to another, prior to the surveys close … There is the capacity for scams in touch-screen ballot devices that are still utilized in 6 to 10 states,” he stated.

Appel in 2008 very first performed a presentation on the best ways to hack a touch-screen ballot device, as part of a claim versus New Jersey authorities. His test, however, just recently has actually acquired restored interest in the wake of the hacks of Democratic National Committee e-mails, and the thought hacking of state election systems in Arizona and Illinois this summer season.

While Appel keeps in mind there has actually been no recorded case of a ballot device in fact being hacked in the way that he did, he cautions it might take place just by changing the maker’s computer system chip– which costs about $4– with one that is pre-programmed to alter the votes. In his presentation, he altered the votes by switching out the maker’s computer system chip for one that he had the ability to reprogram to show another tally.

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“I determined the best ways to make a somewhat various computer system program that right before the close of the surveys moves some votes around from one prospect to another , and I composed that computer system program onto a memory chip … and now to hack the ballot device, you need to get 7 minutes alone with it with a screwdriver.”

Appel’s video reveals that while citizens cast tallies for the prospect of their option, the maker set aside various outcomes when the votes were counted.

John Brzozowski, the deputy superintendent of elections in Hudson County, N.J., firmly insists that in reality, such chip-switching can not truly be done.

“In our experience here in this workplace, all of us concur that we have actually not seen one recorded case of a maker being jeopardized,”he stated.

“I think that you would need to go through a huge quantity of time and energy, and I do not know how you might perhaps do that to 500 devices and get the secrecy and time to do so. I do not think that’s possible,” he stated.

Brzozowski and his personnel took Fox News on a trip of the security specialty of their Jersey City head office where makers are kept. He indicated numerous safeguards and security treatments that secure makers. They are secured safe and secure specialties, under 24-hour 7-day-a-week electronic camera monitoring. Damaged security tape on important parts would reveal any offense of a device.

For security factors, he would not information all the steps that authorities require to safeguard the makers and the stability of the ballot procedure.

” We have a lot of security steps I do not see how it would be possible,” he stated.”We have an item that works, and is trusted and is safe.”

But the teacher insists he exposed a loophole.

“While the devices are saved in a ballot device storehouse, the doors are locked and they have security electronic cameras, however many individuals need to have access to those devices to preserve them, “he stated, keeping in mind that devices are typically provided days prior to an election to different ballot websites. He stresses over the level of security at ballot places.

Officials firmly insist those makers are correctly secured.

The Bergen County, N.J., Board of Elections stated,” We take terrific security steps in New Jersey. We are really positive in our system and in our devices.”

The ballot device business, Dominion Voting Systems, released a declaration to Fox News faulting Appel’s presentation, mentioning his usage of a”de-commissioned maker.”

The business states it” is not a reasonable evaluation of the security of a ballot terminal as it is utilized in real elections. The functional and physical security of ballot gadgets and the total election platform is critical– no matter the innovation … a hack of any ballot terminal that is not carried out in a real-world election environment– with its physical security, pre-election screening and audit procedures in location, is merely not a reliable test.”

But even the ‘winner ‘of Appel’s vote-changing presentation believes he is onto something.

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich won the rigged vote tally. For the functions of his presentation, Appel utilized a few of the 2008 governmental prospects’names as samples. In the device that was jeopardized, Kucinich got 4 votes to 16 for previous New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

But the teacher’s reprogrammed computer system chip merely altered the outcomes, so that the maker counted a tally that put Kucinich on the top, 12 votes to Richardsons 8.

” Once once again we discover that the stability of the election procedure can be endangered through controling innovation,”stated Kucinich, who is now likewise a Fox News factor.” This story indirectly makes a case for paper balloting, with the count taking place on the area as quickly as the surveys are closed.”

“The excellent news is that it is not something that you can quickly do from Russia,” Appel stated.”But the trouble is that it truly is possible to do in your area.”

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