Canada man sentenced to 10 years in mall massacre plot, prosecution says


Randall Shepherd pleaded guilty to plot in Halifax, with American lady charged in exact same case anticipated to deal with trial next year

A Canadian guy implicated in a stopped working mall massacre plot in the Atlantic Canadian city of Halifax pleaded guilty on Tuesday and was sentenced to 10 years in jail, a prosecution spokesperson stated.

An American female charged in the very same case has actually pleaded innocent and is anticipated to deal with trial in May, inning accordance with the court and prosecution.

The 2 were implicated of preparing a mass murder and suicide at a shopping mall . They were detained at the Halifax airport in February after the lady got here from Illinois, presumably to perform the massacre.

Prosecution spokesperson Chris Hansen stated Randall Shepherd, who was 21 when he dealt with charges in 2015, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to dedicate murder at his court look and district attorneys and defense attorney settled on a 10-year jail sentence.

Shepherd and American Lindsay Souvannarath, who was 23 when she was charged in 2015, were implicated of conspiracy to dedicate murder and arson also making hazards to trigger damage or death through social networks.

Shepherd and Souvannarath were apprehended after cops got an idea about their declared strategies to shoot as lots of people as possible at the Halifax Shopping Centre on Valentines Day and after that eliminate themselves. A 3rd guy thought connected to the plot was discovered dead in a home in Halifax.

The 2 guys were youth good friends in Halifax and they apparently fulfilled Souvannarath online. All 3 appreciated the 2 teens who eliminated 12 trainees and an instructor in a high school shooting spree in Columbine, Colorado, in 1999, inning accordance with media reports.

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