Carrie Fisher in Telluride: ‘Im just getting bigger and older. That’s not good’


Speaking at a screening of Bright Lights, about her connection with mom Debbie Reynolds, the star and author exposes she is taking classes to manage the aging procedure

Mother and I live next door to each other, separated by one intimidating hill, states Carrie Fisher in the HBO documentary Bright Lights, which had its North American best at the Telluride movie celebration on Saturday. I typically concern her. I constantly pertained to her.

Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevenss movie theater verit-style movie about Fishers close connection with mom Debbie Reynolds will doubtless draw parallels to Albert and David Maysless renowned 1975 documentary Grey Gardens, which fixated a likewise eccentric mother-daughter duo, who shared a similarly deep bond. Fisher compares the movie more to a surreal truth program including unbelievable individuals.

I didnt believe that we were the brand-new Grey Gardens, Fisher stated throughout a discussion after the screening. Its actually a perfect truth program.

My mom and I, we utilized to shop not a lot, due to the fact that it would develop into a program, she continued. Due to the fact that we had loud voices, and individuals would arrange of remain. They would remain in the shop to listen us. [ Intense Lights] catches that.

The movie discovers Reynolds, now in her mid-80s, on the cusp of retirement and preparing one last hurrah range program in Vegas, much to the shame of Fisher, who would rather she rest. Efficiency feeds her in methods her household can not, states Fisher. She on the other hand is recorded in the throes of staging her own resurgence, preparing to repeat her function as Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens .

I had actually constantly wished to reveal my mom off the phase, off the screen, since shes such a fantastic character, Fisher stated. I desired somebody to record that.

Despite her desires, Fisher confessed that she had 5th and 3rd ideas about making it when Bloom and Stevens came on board, generally since shes not keen on her own look on screen.

I do not like taking a look at myself, Fisher stated. Im simply growing and older. Thats bad. Meryl Streep does 3 films a year, so she can view herself age. I went from Princess Leia at 23 in a swimwear to this broad. That was upsetting for me. I dislike being vain and Im working on it and taking classes.

  • Bright Lights will air on HBO early next year. It next screens at the New York movie celebration in October.

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