Celine Dion Finds It “Very Difficult” to Picture Her Life With Another Man After René Angélil's Death


Celine Dion Finds It “Very Difficult” to Picture Her Life With Another Man After René Angélil's Death

Céline Dion isn’t looking to find a new love interest anytime soon.

More than a year after losing husband René Angélil to throat cancer, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer is sharing her perspective about getting back in the dating world.

In her first U.K. interview in nearly seven years, Celine was asked about finding a new love. As of now, it’s far “too soon” to even think about.

“Now it is definitely too soon for me. I am definitely in love with him, married to him,” Celine shared with Bizarre‘s Dan Wootton. “He’s the love of my life. It’s very difficult for me to see myself with another person.” 

“The love that I have for him, I live it every day,” she continued. “And as a woman, we do have emotions and feelings that come and go. And it’s always with him. When I sing, it’s with him. When I hug my kids, it’s for him and it’s with him. I took time to grieve and I’m still grieving.”

Celine Dion

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In fact, Celine believes that she will grieve for the rest of her life. As fans of the singer know, René is the only man she has ever kissed. In addition, Celine was just 12 years old when she was introduced to René by her mother.

What started off as a professional relationship—he served as Celine’s manager—later turned romantic leading to a lavish wedding in 1994.

“I proved to Rene that he was there for me and I’m going to be there for him—and I’m still there for him,” Celine shared in her latest interview. “I took care of him the best way I could.”

As Celine continues to get used to her new normal, the Grammy winner is revealing some of the final words she shared with her husband.  

“When he passed, I stand by his side and I said, ‘You know what, it’s OK, you know you didn’t deserve to suffer that much.’ He was cold. I said, ‘It’s enough, it’s enough of suffering. You gave so much, you don’t deserve that,'” she explained. “I said, ‘I’m fine, the kids are fine, OK, everything is going to be OK. You taught me, you taught me well. I’m going to use it.’ And that’s what I do every day—so Rene will never die.”


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