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Home News from Around the World Cell Phone Battery Catches Fire Aboard Delta Air Lines Flight To Atlanta

Cell Phone Battery Catches Fire Aboard Delta Air Lines Flight To Atlanta


(AP File Photo)

A mobile phone battery triggered an inflight interruption after igniting on a Delta Air Lines flight from Norfolk, Va. to Atlanta Friday early morning.

According to The Virginian-Pilot , the fire began about 15 minutes after flight 2557s departure. When she began to smell smoke and heard somebody call out to team, #peeee

Passenger Kristi Parrotte states she had actually simply fallen asleep. She states she was seated about 2 rows behind the fire and had the ability to see a plume of smoke originating from the seats.

“It wasn’t a huge flaming fire, it was more smoldering smoke,” Parrotte informed the Pilot. She states there was confusion amongst the flight assistants as they attempted to find the origin of the smoke.

“We’re all up from our seats questioning where the smoke was originating from and exactly what to do,” stated Parrotte.

According to the traveler, retired military workers assisted the flight assistants in extinquising the fire using a bottle of water till a fire extinguisher lay. Others assisted guests leave the cabin location filled with smoke.

“The guests all worked actually well together,” Parrotte stated. “It readied to see.”

Though there was some damage to the seats, nobody was injured throughout the smoke and the occurrence cleaned out of the cabin within a couple of minutes. Flight assistants stated the owner has actually not been recognized.

The kind of phone associated with the cabin fire has actually not been launched however the report comes amidst the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissions main recall of Samsungs Note7 phon e the other day after various reports of the instrument getting too hot and igniting.

At the departure gate in Norfolk, Parrotte states travelers were informed to keep all Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones shut off and not to charge them. Another statement was made after guests boarded the airplane. After the fire, a flight assistant informed travelers to switch off all cellular phone, despite make.

A Delta Air Lines agent was not right away readily available for remark.

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