China’s millennials: Under pressure and pushing back

Hong Kong(CNN)It’s too simple to simply call them entitled.

Like their peers in the West, China’s millennials are empowered, outspoken, and all too ready to challenge who’s in charge.
“People born in the 80s have the tendency to concern, ‘Why are you my employer?’,” states Jane Sun, co-president and COO of Ctrip, a Shanghai-based online travel service with 30,000 young staff members.
    And as the generation that has actually felt the complete effect of China’s one-child policy, a variety of China’s millennials have actually been, yes, coddled by their moms and dads.

    Family matters

    Recognizing the problem of protecting a house in among China’s leading tier cities, Ctrip has strategies to offer affordable lodging in addition to providing monetary rewards for young staff members to begin a household.
    “Living in the city is really pricey so we have to construct adequate budget friendly real estate for these exceptional youths to live and work in,” states Sun.
    “As a business, we owe society and our staff members the obligation to do whatever we can to support them.”
    Instead of musing over how self-indulgent millennials are or consuming about exactly what this “vital group” wants to purchase, why not offer them a reasonable chance at social movement and financial chance?
    Now that is something China’s millennials ought to be entitled to.

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