CNN Student News – November 18, 2016


November 18, 2016

This Friday, learn more about some approaching modifications in the United States Congress. We likewise analyze the significance of a conference in between the United States president-elect and the Japanese prime minister. And we discuss the history of NAFTA, why the worldwide contract is questionable, and how its outcomes have actually been blended.
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1. In what South Pacific country is the city of Christchurch, which lies about 30 miles from the center of a natural catastrophe that struck on Monday early morning?
2. Egypt, whose economy has been having a hard time considering that 2011, just recently got a $12 billion loan from exactly what 189-member international company?
3. Lots of forest fires in Appalachia have been worsened by what continuous natural catastrophe?
4. Call the Iraqi city that’s thought about the last fortress in Iraq for the ISIS terrorist group.
5. Exactly what is the currency of India, which the country’s federal government all of a sudden altered to stop counterfeiters however triggered a series of issues in doing so?
6. Call among the 3 nations to which U.S. President Barack Obama is taking a trip on his last global journey while in workplace.
7. What country utilized to be under the guideline of the Taliban, a militant group that is still combating the nation’s federal government and U.S. soldiers?
8. As included on Thursday’s program, the Environmental Protection Agency’s “AQI,” with a scale varying from 0 to 500, is an index of exactly what?
9. A just recently launched research study performed by Imperial College London discovered that 1.13 billion individuals around the world are dealing with exactly what health concern?
10. Call the very first foreign leader to personally meet U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump given that he was chosen.
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