Coastal drift: secrets of an Oregon beach retreat


How Ryan Finley switched a high flying tech profession for domesticity in a state-of-the-art Oregon beachhouse. By Candice Pires

O n a rainy night, when the winds whipping the Oregon coast at 100mph, you can hear the glass walls bend in Ryan Finley s home. I enjoy the sensation that youre in this envelope of security with a tempest going on outdoors, he states.

Theres a wonderful feel in the air. This northern part of the West Coast has less sunlight and more unforeseeable weather condition than California does. Its about bald eagles and wild elk here, not bodybuilders or web surfers. This is where the opening scene in The Goonies is shot, where Jacob talks up Bella in Twilight. Simply the area for Finleys fairy tale glass box of a home to increase from the edge of a Sitka spruce forest floor, simply south of Cannon Beach .

 Down Bora to increase the remarkable area and sense of being outdoors. Building completed as his better half had their very first kid(now they have 2, aged 4 and 2). Finley co-founded online survey service SurveyMonkey in 1999; hes now offered the business and is generally a stay-at-home daddy, attempting to savour this time when the kids are young and in fact desire me in their lives.