Colombia’s ELN rebels ready to start peace talks with government


Leftwing rebel group and federal government had actually revealed peace talks in March, however settlements have actually been stymied by rebels continued attacks and kidnappings

Colombias leftwing ELN rebels have actually stated they are prepared to begin official peace talks with the federal government and solve concerns that have up until now stymied the settlements revealed in March.

The ELNs statement comes 2 days after Colombias center-right federal government and the Marxist Farc rebel group signed a peace offer to end a half-century war that eliminated a quarter of a million individuals and as soon as took the Andean nation to the verge of collapse.

The leftist National Liberation Army (ELN) rebels and the federal government had actually revealed peace talks in March, however the settlements have actually been postponed by the rebels continued kidnappings and facilities attacks.

On Tuesday, President Juan Manuel Santos contacted the ELN, Colombias 2nd most significant rebel group with some 2,000 in its ranks, to totally free captives and begin the official settlement procedure. The federal government stated the group was holding a minimum of 4 captives.

Were prepared for the general public stage to continue exactly what was selected 30 March and discover options to troubles, the ELN tweeted on Wednesday.

Inspired by Cubas 1959 transformation, the ELN has actually fought a lots Colombian federal governments considering that it wased established by extreme Catholic priests in 1964. The group regularly bombs pipelines and other setups connected to Colombias oil market.

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