Denis Thatcher wrote to BBC over ‘disgraceful and libellous’ satire


Never in the history of public broadcasting has so nasty a libel been released versus anybody, PMs spouse asserted

A satirical story broadcast on BBC Radio 4s Today program about Margaret Thatcher legalising controlled substances triggered her faithful spouse, Denis, to savage the corporation in a furious personal letter to the chair of the guvs.

The prime minister herself took legal guidance about the mini-saga, entitled Thatcherism: The Final Solution, which was relayed on Radio 4 in mid-January 1988, and thought about whether she ought to advise attorneys to demand libel, submits launched to the National Archives in Kew on Thursday expose.

The product had actually been composed by a listener, Vincent Hill, in a competitors for mini-sagas stories made up in no greater than 50 words. In an overstated parody of Tory free-market economics, he envisioned the political repercussions of a libertarian method to heroin.

The compressed story read: Ingenious: Individual option need to be critical. With growing self-confidence she legalised controlled substances. Rates fell greatly. Genuine outlets changed bankrupt drug distributes. Criminal activity figures plunged. Crematorium shares rose. City populations thinned as the weak perky succumbed. Joblessness disappeared. Just the worthiest made it through. No one might grumble. The unsuited passed away of liberty.

Thatchers primary personal secretary, Nigel Wicks, composed to the law officers department consulting. He asked whether the tale was defamatory. It is not the prime ministers typical practice, or certainly desire, to send out lawyers letters to media organisations which release declarations which malign her, he described. I question whether this product might not be an exception to the PMs regular practice?

Thatchers workplace was informed by the law officers department at the Royal Courts of Justice that the story was certainly libellous. The upseting passages consisted of: The Final Solution, in its intrinsic undertone; the unsuited passed away of flexibility, with its innuendo of intent to protect the death of the unsuited; crematorium shares rose, which was stated to be especially revolting in its innuendo that this was an effect preferred by the prime minister; and She legalised controlled substances, which customises her as the target for the sting and not simple Thatcherism.

The prime minister obviously chose not to pursue legal action. Her personal secretary taped that she did not wish to seek advice from attorneys who specialised in character assassination.

But the matter did not end there. On 18 January, her hubby, utilizing his own 10 Downing Street stationery, dispatched a sternly worded letter to Marmaduke Hussey, who was chairman of the BBCs board of guvs.

Dear Duke, Mr Thatcher composed. With deference might I ask you to study the enclosed manuscript (extract) of the Radio 4 Today program. The degree and depth of political predisposition in the BBC refers viewpoint, however this is a disgrace by any conventional, nevertheless low.

I can not think that the management of a public broadcasting system can continue to utilize a manufacturer who releases so nasty and ponder an untruth versus anybody or on such a topic. Certainly such gross expert misbehavior can neither be excused or excused? He signed it: Regards to you both, Yours ever, Denis.

Denis Thatcher, who was typically cautious to stay out of public affairs, hardly ever appears in the prime ministerial files. Wicks, the personal secretary, nevertheless, kept in mind that Mr Thatcher had actually crossed Husseys name off a visitor list for a public reception a couple of days later on.

The civil servant recommended that Hussey needs to be welcomed so that the prime minster might speak to him about the disgraceful episode. You might then have a peaceful word with him about the mini-saga after the reception, he recommended.

But the note was returned with a remark from Denis, discussing his action. I just erased [his name] since I did not believe a basic reception is (a) appropriate for Duke [due to the fact that he utilized a stick and may have had trouble meaning a long period of time] (b) essential enough. I did talk about with PM.

Denis Thatcher discussed that he had actually currently independently composed to Hussey. Never ever in the history of public broadcasting, he included, has so nasty a libel been released versus ANYONE not to mention a prime minister.

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