Dos and Don'ts of British Wedding Style, as Seen on Pippa Middleton


Dos and Don'ts of British Wedding Style, as Seen on Pippa Middleton

ESC: Pippa Middleton, Wedding Do's and Don'ts


What does one wear to a British wedding? More importantly, one does one wear to high-society nuptials with royals in attendance? Pippa Middleton and James Mathews‘ fete is only mere days away, after all.

There is certain etiquette when it comes to dressing for such a traditional affair; however, let’s keep in mind that Kate Middleton‘s younger sister is not a royal, and her wedding doesn’t have to abide by societal style standards—she can make her own dress code if she pleases. But even though it’ll be a less public celebration that the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding to Prince William, there will be some unofficial dos and don’ts.

So, again, what does one wear to an almost-royal wedding? For style inspiration, one must only look to the outfits Pippa has worn to other high-profile, British nuptials. Going through her wedding wardrobe gives us a style guide of what you should do…instead of the not-so-stellar things we’ve seen other socialites wear. Keep scrolling for the dos and don’ts of British wedding attire, according to Pippa Middleton.

We may not be attending Pippa’s nuptials, but at least we’ll have an unofficial fashion guide come the next big British soiree…should there be an opportunity for wedding crashing, of course.

What other dos and don’ts did we miss?


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James Corden Shoots Fruit at Harry Styles' Face–But Does the Singer Flinch?

Harry Styles began with a bang.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter kicked off his weeklong residency on CBS’ The Late Late Show Monday, joining The Wall‘s Aaron Taylor-Johnson on James Corden‘s couch. After announcing a new Carpool Karaoke airing this Thursday, the time came for them to play a very messy game.

“My guests appear very cool on the surface, but we’re going to test their steely nerves in the game that we call Flinch. Now, the game is simple. If you look over here, you will see my face, and my face will be spitting various forms of fruit and produce,” Corden told viewers. “Your job is to stand behind that glass and not flinch when I spit at you. However, we have added an extra layer to this game. Since Harry, Aaron and myself are all sons of England, we have decided to put our British resolve to the test. During this round of Flinch, we’ll be trying to maintain a stiff upper lip while enjoying a spot of tea. Whoever spills the least amount of tea is the winner.”

Taylor-Johnson stood behind the glass wall first. “I’ve doubled up on the tomatoes,” Corden informed him. Before the round even started, the actor admitted to him, “I’m already spilling.”

“Do you consider yourself someone who would flinch easily?” Corden asked.

Before Taylor-Johnson could answer, a tomato flew at his face. “Holy s–t!” Styles yelled.

“The apron did nothing,” Corden told the actor, “but that was a solid effort.”

Styles went second. “What have you put in there?” he asked Corden.

“What have I put in there?” the host asked. “What would you have liked me to put in there?”

“An avocado,” Styles replied. Corden asked, “Are you an avocado guy? You like an avocado?”

“I do like an avocado,” the singer said.

“Do you like an avocado on toast?” Corden asked. Before Styles could answer, fruit flew at his face. Corden was the last to go, asking, “So who’s in charge here?” Styles pretended to be puzzled about how the game works, so Taylor-Johnson said, “You’ve got to ask him a question.”

Just then, fruit flew the air in Corden’s direction. The host was prepared, and he didn’t spill a drop of tea. “And that’s how you do it,” he said. “I think it was a zero flinch. Let’s have a look.”

After reviewing the instant replay, Styles performed his debut single, “Sign of the Times.”

The Late Late Show With James Corden airs weeknights at 12:35 a.m. on CBS.


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