El Cajon police release video of fatal officer-involved shooting


(CNN) Police in El Cajon, California, on Friday launched mobile phone and monitoring video that reveals the questionable deadly shooting of a male who pointed a vaping gadget at officers.

The videos reveal officer Richard Gonsalves shooting 4 chance ats Alfred Olango, an unarmed male, who was pointing the round vape pen at officers previously today. A female can be heard shouting in the mobile phone video as the shots are fired.
      Officer Josh McDaniel, like Gonsalves an officer for 21 years, released his Taser.
      A female staff member of a lunch counter tape-recorded video on her mobile phone, as did a security electronic camera above a drive-through window.
      No choice has actually been made whether to submit criminal charges versus one or both officers.
      “Any criminal conduct being pursued will be a long time much later on,” San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis informed press reporters.

      Tuesday’s shooting

      On Tuesday afternoon, cops reacted to a 911 call reporting a male in his 30s was acting “unpredictably” behind a dining establishment.
      Once they showed up, Olango kept his hands hidden in his pockets while pacing backward and forward, authorities stated.
      The male “quickly drew a things” and positioned both hands on it “like you would be holding a gun,” cops Chief Jeff Davis stated.
      One officer fired his weapon at Olango, while a 2nd officer released his Taser, authorities have actually stated. Both are on three-day administrative leave.
      The lady who called 911 asserted to be the male’s sibling and informed the dispatcher he was unarmed and psychologically ill, Davis stated. Private investigators have actually not had the ability to verify whether the caller was Olango’s sibling, he stated.
      Olango’s mom, Pamela Benge, stated he was not psychologically ill. He was grieving the loss of a good friend, she stated.
      A psychiatric emergency situation reaction group was at another call however broke away and tried to react to the scene where authorities ultimately took on with Olango, Davis stated Friday. The PERT group didn’t show up till after the shooting, the chief stated.

      Still image

      Earlier today, authorities launched a video still revealing the occurrence. Olango seems in position as if all set to shoot, cops stated.
      Officers were not using body cams.
      Olango’s death triggered presentations in the San Diego residential area. Protesters stopped vehicles and broke windows Thursday night, El Cajon authorities stated. Protesters have actually required the examination into the shooting to be run by the United States Department of Justice.
      Businesses in downtown El Cajon were encouraged to close early Friday.
      Olango concerned the United States in 1991 as a refugee from Uganda.
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