England’s most beautiful destinations


(CNN)The English are known for being reserved.

Perhaps that’s why, despite living in one of loveliest countries on Earth, they don’t really shout about it.
They should though.
While the English landscape lacks the drama of other parts of the world — and even other parts of the United Kingdom — it makes up for it with a gentle, ancient beauty that’s hard to match.
London is widely acknowledged as a world-beating destination, but often overlooked beyond the capital is an incredible array of beautiful coastlines, rolling hills, quaint villages, historic cities and innovative design.
It’s something to remember on April 23 — St. George’s Day — which is the closest thing England has to a national day.
The day commemorates the death of England’s patron saint, a legendary dragon slayer who wasn’t actually from England.
This year there are a few other reasons to celebrate.

Spring rain

Earlier in the week, Queen Elizabeth II marked her 90th birthday — an event celebrated across England and the rest of the UK.
It also falls on the same day as the 400th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest ever Englishmen, William Shakespeare.
Celebrations will take place across the nation this Saturday.
London’s Trafalgar Square will be turned red and white to match the English flag as crowds gather for a Shakespeare-themed St. George’s Day festival.
Parades will be held in cities including Birmingham — the event at West Bromwich is the world‘s biggest unofficial St. George’s Day party — and Nottingham.
Elsewhere, in quieter corners, the sun will shine and rain will (probably) fall, as the English calmly carry on living in one of the most beguiling places on the planet.
Click though the above gallery to see some of the country’s best destinations.

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