EU referendum: ‘UK faces bigger bill if stays in EU, says Johnson – BBC News

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The UK deals with a “triple whammy of concern” – consisting of footing an additional 2.4 bn costs from Brussels – if it continues to be part of the EU, Boris Johnson will state later on.

The UK will deal with a larger costs since of spending plan boosts in Brussels, future eurozone bailouts, and a “20bn great void” in the EU financial resources, he will state.

Remain’s Chuka Umunna stated the claim was “rubbish” and the UK will not need to add to any future bailouts.

Meanwhile, David Cameron will implicate Vote Leave of “a financial con-trick”.

The PM will be signed up with by Labour’s Harriet Harman, Liberal Democrat Tim Farron and the Greens’ Natalie Bennett at an occasion later on, where they will jointly contact the Leave camp to define a financial prepare for the UK if it stops the EU.

‘On the hook’

Meanwhile previous London mayor Mr Johnson will make a speech stating the UK will be “compelled to hand over much more cash” if voters decide to remain in the EU in the 23 June mandate.

“The dangers of stay are huge. Not just do we turn over more than 350m a week to the EU, however if we vote to remain the British individuals will be on the hook for much more money,” he will state.

Vote Leave state the UK will need to contribute to prospective future bailouts of eurozone nations, in addition to pay to a greater EU budget plan to handle the effect of migration.

It states brand-new figures recommend the UK might deal with a 2.4 bn additional costs “not long after the mandate” due to the fact that of a stockpile of unsettled expenses and a hold-up in the evaluation of the EU’s spending plan.

Will the UK spend for future euro bailouts? Are we providing 350m a week to Brussels? How much does the EU Budget cost the UK?

However, Labour MP- and popular Remain

advocate-Mr Umunna dismissed the claims.

He stated the UK’s”unique status “in the EU-concurred throughout Mr Cameron’s renegotiation this year – suggested Britain was secured from paying to future eurozone bailouts.

The UK likewise had a veto on EU spending plan boosts, he included.

” Quitting the single market will take our nation in reverse by triggering years of unpredictability, making trade more costly, and tipping Britain into economic downturn, “he stated.

At a different occasion, which Britain Stronger in Europe called”an extraordinary screen of cross-party assistance “, Mr Cameron, Ms Harman, Mr Farron and Ms Bennett will state choosing not to set out a financial prepare for Brexit is “undemocratic and careless”.

They will state:” It’s time for the Leave project to detail their financial prepare for Britain outside Europe.

“They are perpetuating a financial con-trick on the British individuals, and we’re calling time on it. The British public be worthy of much better than being asked to chance.”