Ex-NSA worker accused of stealing top secret information to remain in custody


The info the previous specialist was implicated of taking over twenty years is something this countrys opponents would like to check out, a judge stated

A previous National Security Agency professional implicated in a huge theft of categorized details will stay in custody as district attorneys continue constructing a criminal case versus him, a federal judge ruled on Friday.

United States magistrate Judge A David Copperthite concurred with district attorneys that Harold T Martin III of Glen Burnie, Maryland, represented a flight threat if launched and stated there was no doubt that the leading secret info he was implicated of taking over twenty years is something this countrys opponents would like to check out.

Martins legal representatives foreshadowed their approaching defense, explaining him as a compulsive hoarder and stating there was no proof he ever shared the details with a foreign nation or perhaps planned to do so.

Hes not Edward Snowden, stated James Wyda, the federal protector representing Martin, describing the previous NSA professional who 3 years back divulged to Guardian reporters secret details about federal government security programs .

Wyda stated Martin, a previous United States navy lieutenant, never ever meant to damage his nation and was rather a ravenous student who got brought away throughout the years as he took house files in a possibly misdirected effort to be as competent at his task as he might be. He recommended Martin had psychological health issue.

This was not spycraft habits, Wyda stated. This is not how a Russian spy or something like that would ever perform himself.

This, he included, was the habits of a compulsive hoarder.

The justice department provided a greatly various picture.

Prosecutors have actually stated FBI representatives who browsed Martins house and cars and truck in August discovered proof of a spectacular theft of supersecret federal government info. Private investigators discovered records dated from 1996 to 2016, took lots of computer systems and digital storage gadgets and, all informed, recuperated some 50 gigabytes of details or enough to fill approximately 200 laptop computers. A considerable quantity of that info, district attorneys stated, was extremely categorized.

There is no need to think that the offender would have ever stopped however for the intervention of police, stated Zachary Myers, assistant United States lawyer.