Examining Simon Cowell and Mel B's Unique Relationship on America's Got Talent


Examining Simon Cowell and Mel B's Unique Relationship on America's Got Talent

We may not agree with their critiques, but we can all agree that there’s something unique about Mel B and Simon Cowell‘s dynamic.

For the past two seasons, the duo has made up one half of the America’s Got Talent judges table alongside Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum.

In recent weeks, however, viewers have taken an extra notice into Simon’s unique relationship with the former Spice Girls member.

During last week’s quarterfinals, Mel B walked off stage and threw a drink on Simon after he made a joke about her wedding night.

“My journey tonight was all over the place,” she explained to E! News after the live telecast. “But I’m a very real, honest person, so what you see is what you get.”

Eyebrows were raised yet again tonight when mind reader Colin Cloud took to the stage for an interactive act involving Mel B and Simon. During the live performance, Mel B was asked to interject a knife into Simon’s chest.

Without hesitation, Mel B followed instructions. Fortunately for Simon, it proved to be a fake knife.

“I almost got murdered on live TV,” Simon shared after the moment. “You know what is weird though? You didn’t know it was a rubber knife and you were prepared to kill me.”

While new viewers may be quick to go “WTF just happened?” other regulars see it as just another playful scene between two judges.

From throwing cups of water on Simon throughout the judging process to booing her co-worker’s views, Mel B doesn’t hold back. But at the same time, the pair continues to work together including stints on Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor.

And when news first broke of Mel B’s divorce with Stephen Belafonte, Simon was more than willing to send his support.

“She is a trooper. I got to hand it to her,” he shared with E! News’ Will Marfuggi. “I’ve spoken to her about it. She’s fine. I think this is a good distraction for her so she’ll be okay.”

As the semifinalists begin next month, viewers will be watching the variety of acts fighting for $1 million dollars. As for Mel B and Simon’s relationship, we’d say just enjoy the TV magic.  

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. only on NBC.

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The Challenge's Secret Romance Revealed: Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson Dated for 3 Years

The Challenge fans, prepare for a bombshell. 

Longtime viewers of the iconic MTV series, which is currently in its 30th season, were thrilled to see former champ Veronica Portillo, who hadn’t competed since 2009, return for The Challenge: XXX. And while she didn’t physically return for another seasonanother blast from the blast, Rachel Robinson has found herself back in The Challenge conversation. Why? It turns out Veronica and Rachel secretly dated for three years. Hey, don’t say we didn’t tell you to prepare for a bombshell!

So how was their secret relationship revealed? 

Aneesa Ferreira, Rachel’s ex-girlfriend and another Challenge vet, revealed the information during Tuesday night’s episode. “You are so f–king beautiful, Veronica. I’d f–k you. And that’s it,” Aneesa said to Veronica by the pool. “That’s what it really comes to. Her ex-girlfriend is my ex-girlfriend.” Aneesa then went on to explain that after she and Rachel started dating after meeting on season six and after they broke up, Rachel went on to date Veronica. 

Veronica was not happy that Aneesa revealed the information, saying in a confessional, “I feel honestly bad for Rachel for me to come back years later and talk about it when I didn’t talk about when we’re together, I feel like that’s really disrespectful. I think Rachel would watch it and be like, ‘What the f–k?'”

When Aneesa continued to talk about it, saying Veronica is hotter than Rachel, Veronica muttered, “So rude.” Aneesa’s response? “Not rude, honest.” 

While Veronica admitted she initially didn’t like Aneesa when she met her (“I never really liked her, because I felt like she didn’t accept me as a person”), things have definitely changed, as other cast members noticed a flirtation between the two veterans. 

After the reveal, Aneesa asked Veronica to go to bed with her “as friends,” before telling her, “I want to hold you like a little kitten.” She then went on to say, “I would totally eat your p–sy.” Veronica added, “As friends.” 

So did they hook up? That’s TBD.

All three woman appeared on season 6 and 9, Battles of the Sexes and Battles of the Sexes 2, together, and Veronica and Rachel went on to win season 7, The Gauntlet, as members of the same team. They then were runner-ups in season 10.

Rachel is one of the franchise’s fan-favorite champions, who hasn’t competed in a season since 2012, and revealed on Instagram back in May that she is pregnant with twins with her partner, Natalie Gee.

“We started the process a few months ago, and I feel so beyond blessed,” Rachel wrote on her blog. “Natalie is the partner I have been waiting for, and I cannot wait for this new journey to begin together as a family of 7. (Yes, 2 moms, 2 kids, 3 dogs…)”

The Challenge: XXX airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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