Farc commander says hostilities with Colombia government to cease


Announcement follows Havana peace treaty to end 5 years of war that will go to October referendum

The leader of Colombias most significant rebel motion, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or Farc, has stated its fighters will completely stop hostilities with the federal government from the very first minute of Monday, as an outcome of a peace treaty for ending 5 years of war.

Timolen Jimenez made the statement on Sunday in Havana, Cuba, where the 2 sides worked out for 4 years prior to revealing the peace handle midweek.

Never once again will moms and dads be burying their children and kids eliminated in the war, stated Jimenez, who is likewise called Timochenko. All grudges and competitions will stay in the past.

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos revealed on Friday that his armed force would stop attacks on Farc , starting on Monday.

Colombia is anticipated to hold a nationwide referendum on 2 October, to provide citizens the opportunity to authorize the offer for ending a half-century of political violence that has actually declared more than 220,000 lives and driven more than 5 million individuals from their houses.

After the contract is signed, Farc guerrillas are expected to start handing their weapons over to United Nations-sponsored displays.

News of the offer was invited by local federal governments and the UN. Barack Obama likewise invited the offer.

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