Fergie Downplays Justin Timberlake Romance: “It Wasn't All That Serious”


Fergie Downplays Justin Timberlake Romance: “It Wasn't All That Serious”

Fresh off her split from Josh Duhamel, Fergie was asked Tuesday to discuss some of her past lovers during her first-ever appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. At first, Fergie was having a blast. “This is amazing,” she told Andy Cohen. “This is so much fun!”

“I am sorry to say the fun is about to end,” Cohen replied. “It’s time for you to plead the fifth!” When the host reminded the singer she could only skip one question, Fergie whispered, “F–k!”

In Mario Lopez‘s 2014 Memoir, Just Between Us, he chronicled his “preteen romance” with Fergie, his co-star on Kids, Incorporated. In the book, the Saved by the Bell star revealed they were each other’s first kiss, writing, “She likes to point out that there was no tongue involved.” So, of course, Cohen had to ask, “How would you rate his kissing skills on a scale from 1 to 10?”

The “You Already Know” gave Lopez props, complimenting his “beautiful, soft lips” and giving him a 10 out of 10. “It wasn’t that extensive, but yeah,” she said. “The feelings at the age? Ah!” She also revealed he was “a little player” back in the day, pitting her against Renee Sands. “He would play Renee and me our feelings—our little girl feelings! He’s got that Latin lover thing.”

For his second question, Cohen asked Fergie to choose Duhamel’s worst movie. He suggested Las Vegas, Safe Haven and Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!, but she replied, “No! I love those!”

Cohen saved his juiciest question for last, asking about the “best and worst part” of dating Justin Timberlake back in the day. Fergie rolled her eyes, explaining, “It wasn’t all that serious.”

“Am I allowed to pass on this?” the singer asked. “Pass. Plead the fifth.”

(As Fergie told Cosmopolitan in a 2006 interview, “One my good friends was dating JC Chasez, and so we’d all hang out with ‘N Sync. Justin and I would go out together and have fun and make out. We went to Hawaii together, but we were never serious. He was Mr. Right Now.”)

During Tuesday’s show, Cohen also asked Fergie if she’s ready to date again after her split with Duhamel, whom she married in 2009 and quietly separated from in 2017. “I don’t know,” she replied. “It’s too soon for me to even think about dating. I’m open to love but it’s just too soon.”

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Barack Obama Cried Dropping Malia Obama Off at Harvard: “It Was a Little Bit Like Open-Heart Surgery”

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama

Annie Leibovitz/White House via Getty Images

Watching kids leave for college is difficult for any parent—including former President Barack Obama.

The former commander-in-chief revealed how emotional it was for him to send his eldest daughter Malia Obama, 19, to college this year during a short speech at an event for the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children in Delaware.

“For those of us who have daughters, it just happens fast,” the 44th president said in a video published by WDEL 101.7FM. “I dropped off Malia at college, and I was saying to Joe and Jill [Biden] that it was a little bit like open-heart surgery.”

However, Obama was able to hold back the waterworks until he and his wife Michelle Obama left the campus.

“I was proud that I did not cry in front of her,” Obama said, “but on the way back, the secret service was looking straight ahead pretending they weren’t hearing me as I sniffled and blew my nose. It was rough.”

Obama had a feeling he might shed a tear or two.

“Malia going off and leaving…that’ll make me tear me up,” he told CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King in February 2016.

Malia is a freshman at Harvard University, her parents’ alma mater, and the former president and first lady helped her move in to her on-campus residence in August—one day before her fellow classmates arrived for the fall semester.

She graduated from high school in 2016; however, she postponed her enrollment at Harvard to take a gap year.

Thankfully, the Obamas aren’t empty nesters just yet. Their youngest daughter Sasha Obama is still in high school.

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