Find Out What John Kerry, Michelle Obama, And Erin Brockovich Have To Say


Ever question whats on the mind these days most significant individuals? Well, do not miss our incredible roundup of the very best and most discussed quotes of the day:

I strove to end up being good friends with Bono, however by the time I sealed the offer, it was far too late; he had actually ended up being an old male like me.
— John Kerry
On befriending Bono

I still have a bag of the confetti gathered from our 2008 election, which the women like to utilize as a beanbag chair in the Oval Office. Barry dislikes it, however I informed him its either this or its the 2012 one.
— Michelle Obama
On compromise

Computers need to be connecteded into a wall, much in the exact same method a tomato needs to be connecteded into the ground.
— Erin Brockovich
On the fight in between nature and innovation

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