Find Out What Wynonna Judd, Larry Bird, And Ed Asner Have To Say


Ever question whats on the mind these days most significant individuals? Well, do not miss our amazing roundup of the very best and most spoken about quotes of the day:

For almost my whole life, I believed the word smitten suggested little mitten. Obviously, it suggests something else.
— Wynonna Judd
On the errors of her previous

When God sits you down and plays you the emphasize reel of your life, do you wish to view a lot of video footage of yourself resting on the sofa, viewing TELEVISION and consuming processed food? Or do you wish to enjoy a lot of video of yourself easily stabilizing on top of a basketball while doing daily things like grocery shopping and getting your mail? Ill take the latter, thank you quite.
— Larry Bird
On living life to its max

I simply got word about it. I do not have all the information today, however Im extremely ecstatic.
— Ed Asner
On being wonderful

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