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Florida Man Behind Bars For Having A Milk Crate


Booking image for Timothy Troller, 34. (Polk County Jail)

A Florida male lags bars after he was busted with a milk dog crate, inning accordance with a report.

The cage was connected to a bike that Timothy Troller was riding when he was dropped in Auburndale Thursday night by a deputy with the Polk County Sheriffs Office, WFLA-TV reports.

Troller was detained and accuseded of belongings of a dairy cage, a misdemeanor, the station reported Friday. Since Saturday the 34-year-old male was still being held at the Polk County Jail.

Trollers grandpa Edward Hale informed the station he didnt understand having a milk dog crate was a criminal activity.

I never ever became aware of it, he stated. This is the very first time ever. He didnt understand it protested the law or he wouldnt have actually put it on the front of the bike and rode up and down the roadway.

Polk County Sheriffs Office spokesperson Carrie Horstman protected the arrest.

Youre having something that is taken from a service, whether its as little as a milk dog crate, or a shopping cart, Horstman informed WFLA. He was accuseded of having taken home. He might pay a fine or invest a couple of days in prison.

The milk dog crate was the home of Sunshine Dairy Farms. Troller asserted he discovered it on the side of the roadway, the station reported.

Hale confessed his grand son has a long rap sheet however still disagreed with the arrest.

Wait up until he does something incorrect, he informed the station. Thats the method I feel about it. If it was (prohibited) it shouldnt be enough to bring you to prison, its foolish to me and besides.

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