Forget Gary Johnson. Trump’s presidency would be one long ‘Aleppo moment’ | Dave Schilling


The Libertarian is lampooned for spaces in his understanding, however he appears like an amateur beside the huge know nothing who really has an opportunity of winning

W hat does Gary Johnson understand? After yet another quickly preventable telecasted mistake where the Libertarian governmental prospect cannot call even one leader of a foreign nation that he enjoyed, its a reasonable concern.

If, by some wonder, Johnson had the ability to patch together adequate assistance to reach the 15% limit to receive the disputes, that would be the only concern I would desire addressed. Simply 2 minutes of Johnson rattling off things he does understand. The number of eggs in a lots? Thats a breeze, Anderson. Its 12. Where are children made, Mr Johnson? Well … something about daddies and mommies caring each other? Who let the pet dogs out? Wow, thats a hard one, Anderson. Can I return to you after I speak with my consultants? I take place to be greatly courting the dogcatchers union.

Better yet, this might make an amazing video game program for those lonesome summertime when the American broadcast networks air human dart tossing and Family Feud. Im specific that Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson would be a blockbuster on Fox or The CW. If they can find China on a map prior to Gary, confine some 12-year-olds and see. They get to dispute Trump and Clinton in his location if one of the schoolchildren is effective.

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