Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy: Stop calling Trump ‘crazy’

Washington (CNN) Patrick Kennedy, a psychological health supporter and previous Rhode Island congressman, penned an op-ed Monday getting in touch with Americans to stop calling Republican governmental candidate Donald Trump “insane” due to the fact that it demeans those who experience genuine psychological health problems.

Kennedy, the youngest kid of the long time Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, composes in The Washington Post that the rhetoric surrounding the 2016 election prevents anybody suffering psychological health concerns from looking for assistance.
      ” With all this destructive rhetoric drifting around in our nationwide political discourse, specifically exactly what we learn through and about Trump, it’s not surprising that individuals stay quiet and the suffering continues,” Kennedy composed. “So if you’ve got a criticism about Trump’s personality, fine. Let’s get rid of the name-calling and grade-school bullying. As Michelle Obama put it, ‘When they go low, we go high.'”
      Kennedy, who himself battled with mental disorder and dependency, co-authored a book on his experience called “A Common Struggle.”

      Kennedy stated he’s no “Trump fan” and wishes to stop him from ending up being president, however not using demeaning language.
      “There’s a lot to slam about the policies, concepts and ideology of the Republican candidate,” he composed. “We can decline Trump without turning to making baseless medical diagnoses of his psychological health.”
      In the op-ed, he mentioned his late uncle’s President John F. Kennedy’s statement, the Community Mental Health Act of 1963, that states those with mental disorder “require not be alien to our loves or beyond the aid of our neighborhoods.”
      He stated America has to choose legislators who comprehend the value of psychological health.
      “We have to choose policymakers who think it’s best to deal with illness of the brain the like health problems of the body, like diabetes and heart problem,” he composed. “Calling individuals insane does not even more that objective, and slows our efforts towards equality.”

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