Fros: this summers hottest drinks trend is a wine Slush Puppie


Frozen ros is a hit in London and New Yorks finest bars and wine professionals are frightened

Name: Fros

Age: Just a number of months.

Appearance: Pink and fluffy.

What is it? If you can work it out, Look at the name and see.

Erm an unlikely star love in between Freddie Flintoff and Jos Mourinho ? Youre overthinking this. Its frozen ros.

That was going to be my 2nd guess. In that case, congratulations. Fros is all over this summertime .

Dont I feel in one’s bones it! You seem like a glass of wine, however the bottle is all warm, so you put it in the freezer for 10 minutes Then the next day theres damaged glass and fros all over the location. Headache. Actually, this is a less dreadful variation. Fros is now being made in some of the finest bars in London and New York.

On function? I think so. You freeze it strong, then blitz the ice into slush. It was supposedly created by Justin Sievers at Bar Primi in New York previously this year, and has actually because captured on all over. Beaufort House in west London just included fros to its menu at the start of the month, however it is now the most popular beverage it offers.

Seriously? Simply frozen ros? Pretty much. Its generally combined with some lemon juice and sugar, or with vermouth and strawberries. You can make it in the house rather quickly. Its like a wine Slush Puppie.

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