FYI High School Grads: The Time Of Your Life Isnt Ending, Its Just Beginning


I attended my more youthful sis high school college graduation a couple of weeks back, and though it was extremely lovely, there was something that actually stood out to methe music selectionsongs with lyrics of and

These lyrics struck me as odd, and also dismaying.

I suggest, first off, why? Its not like youre passing away. You are going to invest a whole three-month summer season with these kids and after that youll have vacation breaks, school reunions, even relationships that will last throughout the college years.

Really?? Youll see them in, like, 10 minutes at Chipotle getting a pre-game meal for the celebration tonight.

And??? What!? Youre seventeen and eighteen-year-oldsand the time of your lives is virtually up??! This is the very best youre getting?

As I sat there in the audience, I kept repeating to myself,

I wished to disrupt the music and hug every senior. Yes, these are some fantastic timesHomecoming dances, football video games, drama, satisfying your very first buddies, going on dates, seeing all the frightening films at midnight, slumber parties, going shopping journeys, slipping out, going to prombut this isn’t really the very best youre getting.

Dont concern, youll never ever forget high school. Ask any adult and their eyes will glaze over and theyll get all classic for their teenager years. Those years will constantly belong people.

But college years? Post-college years? Falling in love? Beginning a genuine task? Taking a trip? Getting wed? Moving into a genuine home? Having kids? are a lot more unforgettable.

Listen senior citizens: This isn’t really the very best its going to be.

Youre going to go to college, to the labor force, to the army, to whatever the heck youre entering and youre going to make a hell of a great deal of memories.

Youre going to fulfill individuals that are much more complicated than individuals you matured with. Youre going to sign up with groups and clubs and music/theatre/sports groups that alter the method you live your life. Youre going to be challenged and motivated. Youre going to grow and discover.

Youre going to fall in love and get your heart damaged and end up being an entirely brand-new and more powerful individual than you ever were.

Youre going to understand the value of youth loved ones members. Youre going to laugh and cry and consume excessive and consider life method too deeply.

Youre going to be lonesome and scared. Youre going to miss out on house and high school. Then youre going to find out the best ways to suit a brand-new location and feel more in the house than youve ever been.

Youre going to make brand-new memories and have experiences you never ever pictured.

Youre going to one day review these next couple of years and smile, due to the fact that

So toss your cap in the air and hold your diploma happily.

Youve made it this far. And the very best is yet to come.

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