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Home News from Around the World Grocery store boots Girl Scouts, Salvation Army | Fox News

Grocery store boots Girl Scouts, Salvation Army | Fox News


File Photo: Girl Scouts sort through a case of Girl Scout cookies, Friday, Feb. 23, 2007, in Dallas. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Lots of folks around the Midwest are trying to find another location to purchase their butter beans after a significant supermarket chain offered the Girl Scouts and the Salvation Army the heave-ho.

Schnucks, based in St. Louis, revealed a brand-new policy prohibiting all lawyers which consists of little ladies offering Thin Mints and Tagalongs.

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Our main responsibility is servicing our consumers by offering the most practical and enjoyable shopping environment, business representative Paul Simon stated in a declaration to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch . Since of this we have actually chosen to end the solicitation of our clients or circulation of composed or other products at our shops.

For the record, Schnucks is an independently owned business and the owners have a right to run their company nevertheless they please. They may desire to reevaluate calling themselves the friendliest shop in town.

Friendly shops do not boot bell ringers or little women offering cookies. Im simply stating

Mr. Simon informed the Post-Dispatch that the policy modification is planned to keep and promote a safe, appealing, clutter-free shopping environment for our consumers.

Im unsure that description proves acceptable unless the clients have actually been confronted by unsightly Girl Scouts or manhandled by bell ringers.

So, there need to be another factor and the Post-Dispatch has a respectable inkling.

It ends up the supermarket chain is involved in a nasty battle with a regional union including layoffs. For the previous couple of months Teamsters Local 688 has actually established pickets outside the shops.

Schnucks wont state if thats the factor for their policy modification – however you can practically link the dots.

Dan Jennings is with the Salvation Army. He stated they were magnificent appreciative of the assistance Schnucks had actually provided in the past.

Theyre among the very best areas for us in the St. Louis area, Jennings informed the paper. Our hope is that as individuals discover were not in front of Schnucks shops this year, ideally individuals will be generous at the areas where we will be calling.

Well continue to need to feed individuals, and this will make it harder for us to do that, Jennings stated.

Its regrettable about the Salvation Army. The cash gathered in those red kettles assists a considerable amount of folks.

Maybe, simply, perhaps – Schnucks will reevaluate its policy and unring the bell theyve sounded.

On a side note, I can comprehend their issues. My community supermarket is jumbled with all sorts of liberal groups desiring us to sign petitions to conserve the kumquats or contribute cash to support left-wing neighborhood organizers.

I was when confronted by an agent from PETA – the animals rights folks. She required to understand if I liked animals.

Only if theyre deep-fried, I responded.

PETA never ever troubled me once again.

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