Happy 15th birthday iPod! Readers share their memories of the classic MP3 player


The iPod turned 15-years-old on Sunday and to commemorate we asked readers to share their memories. Heres exactly what a few of them stated

I desired a MiniDisc gamer however father firmly insisted the iPod was the future

I was at university and I desired a MiniDisc gamer however my daddy firmly insisted that the iPod was the future. I queued up by the Apple Store on Tottenham Court Road to get one of the very first generation designs.

Ironically, I was underwhelmed, I just owned about 12 CDs. It turned out I required to utilize a pals computer system simply to fill it as the user interface wasnt suitable with my old Mac. I keep in mind for the next couple of months getting on television and providing other individuals with the renowned white earphones an (undoubtedly smug) conspiratorial smile. Unfortunately it passed away a couple of years earlier.

I wouldnt lack my iPhone now!

Heather, 35-year-old innovation online marketer, Bristol


Colleagues below me believe its an antique

I own among the initial designs of the iPod -it does not even have a click wheel!-and still utilize it frequently for work as its got some fantastic playlists on it.

I keep in mind
going out with my household in Singapore simply as the first iPods were being launched. I handled to convince my moms and dads to purchase one for my Christmas present. I returned to uni and was walking the library getting asked exactly what the white earphones were- now a typical sight however not in the past!

When coworkers who are perhaps 8-10 years below me see my iPod
they crowd around the antique, which is white and black, has no touch screen or click wheel-its rather amusing how times alter!

Anonymous, 33-year-old working
for a cancer charity, London

The conclusion of months of anticipation was typing out Michael Jackson and Agoraphobic Nosebleed once again and once again

In my 3rd year at uni, I lastly handled to persuade my moms and dads that a computer system would be advantageous to my potential customers. We were a low earnings home and had never ever had a PC in the house, so showing the advantage of ideas such as online neighborhoods, and downloadable reading product, needed all my powers of persuasion.

As quickly as we hooked the (substantial) desktop tower and (small) keep track of up in my trainee bed room, I understood that, technically if I had any cash, I might now get an iPod. Therefore, a couple of months and a lot of overtime shifts later on (kids: constantly keep in mind to decrease non research study dedications in your 3rd year, ahem) I left of Currys with a 32GB iPod, sweet.

I invested that whole Saturday afternoon ripping part of my CD collection and by hand typing in album and artist information into iTunes. Recalling this looks like an insane, routine method to hang around, however for a kid who till just recently had actually never ever had individual access to the web, this seemed like the most amazing, futuristic admin work possible. The conclusion of months of anticipation was typing out Michael Jackson and Agoraphobic Nosebleed once again and once again and I was liking it.

That night we got burgled. Certainly.

I was so upset at losing the iPod, my piece of handtyped metadata and low bit-rate audio files, that we needed to call the cops back later on in the day when I cooled down and observed the robbers had actually taken my passport too. Whatever was ultimately changed through house contents insurance coverage, and I had several years of pleasure from my replacement iPod.

That one was ultimately changed by an iPod classic with higher storage capability, which is still in usage today. In addition Ill pay attention to music through streaming services on a mobile phone, however the iPod classic, aside from being a tactile and splendidly purposeful piece of style, is ideal for paying attention to greater quality files, and in scenarios (working out, reading) when you do not wish to be disrupted by a call or other alert.

Luke Jackson, 32-year-old understanding management consultant at Shell, Manchester