Hard-liner takes new post as Israel defense minister

Jerusalem (CNN) One of Israel’s most questionable political leaders, hard-liner Avigdor Liberman , was sworn in as the nation’s brand-new defense minister on Monday.

Liberman’s visit follows weeks of political chaos causing the resignation of his predecessor, Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon , in demonstration.
      The bulk of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, enacted favor of Liberman. Israel state radio broadcast on Monday that of the 120-seat Knesset, 55 members enacted favor of Liberman, while 43 enacted opposition.
      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s union now consists of all the right-wing celebrations and leaves out the left-wing celebrations, which some political leaders discover bothersome.
      Hanan Ashrawi, a Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee member, has actually slammed the addition of Liberman to the federal government.
      “Such a choice is incredibly harmful. Lieberman, who has actually required the beheading of Palestinians and for their transfer outside the state of Israel, is a severe danger to peace and stability, and his consultation will create a culture of lawlessness, extremism, violence and hate in Israel.”
      Liberman, a member of the right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu individual, has a history of making questionable remarks.
      In March 2015, Liberman stated that Arab-Israelis who are not faithful to Israel must be beheaded. “We have to get an ax and cut off his head,” he stated, speaking prior to the most current elections. In 2001, he spokened he would bomb Egypt’s Aswan Dam in case of a war in between Israel and Egypt.
      However, when it pertains to peacemaking with their next-door neighbors, both Netanyahu and Liberman appear to agree, holding company on the concept of a two-state option with the Palestinians.
      “I take this chance making clear that I stay dedicated making peace with the Palestinians and with all our next-door neighbors,” stated Netanyahu.
      “I heard everything you [the Prime Minister] stated and I definitely concur with every word, consisting of 2 states for 2 individuals,” stated Liberman after Netanahu’s discuss Monday.
      Liberman is an immigrant from the previous Soviet Union who resides in a West Bank settlement that numerous in the worldwide neighborhood think about to be unlawful.
      He functioned as the foreign minister however critics have actually differed with Liberman’s restricted military experience as he handles this brand-new function.

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