He Was Just Joking Around In The Middle Of A Massive Storm…Then This Happened


Humans have actually made it through as a types by following a set of basic survival guidelines.

Over countless years, these guidelines have actually ended up being good sense. Let’s take, for instance, the best ways to act throughout a huge storm. Our survival impulse is to hide someplace safe up until the storm passes. Doing this one easy thing made it so our forefathers made it through enough time to hand down their genes.

Lately, nevertheless, it appears like countless years of survival impulses are being reversed by our existing oversharing economy. That is, individuals are running the risk of life and limb for that a person Instagram picture, or that ideal Snapchat. Or, when it comes to Phoenix, Arizona, resident Nick Griemsmann, the most impressive Periscope stream.

I would bet that the gods are upset at Griemsmann for buffooning their rage.

(by means of The Daily Mail )

In case you’re having problem finding out exactly what took place, Griemsmann was almost struck by lightning and he dropped his phone while doing so. Discuss all the best. I would not put myself in damage’s method once again for a while if I were him.

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