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Pursuing increasingly independent reporting on among the USs most pushing problems is my task. Assist assistance our efforts to clarify the fractured weapon argument

For years, reporters have actually dealt with American weapon violence as a helpless issue. They cover the current mass shooting, they discuss congressional inactiveness, then they proceed.

Were refraining from doing that.

Early this year, the Guardian employed me as one of the nations just full-time weapon politics press reporters. My task was to assist us start to comprehend why the weapon dispute is so damaged and exactly what it would in fact require to repair it.

Americas weapon violence issue is a lot larger than mass shootings . And the liberal orthodoxies about exactly what may work to avoid weapon deaths aren’t constantly right.

Our reporting this year on weapons has actually been increasingly independent. Were holding both Democrats and Republicans liable for exactly what theyre doing to avoid weapon violence and suicide.

Last month, we released the special outcomes of the most conclusive study of weapon ownership in twenty years. The main finding that just 3% of American grownups own half the nations weapons is currently improving the presumptions of the weapon argument.

This sort of reporting needs financial investment. When the information sets we have to address sixty-four-thousand-dollar questions do not exist, we develop them. Thats exactly what we maded with The Counted, our extensive database of cops killings. Thats exactly what were now mading with weapon murders in America.

Weve currently discovered that there are effective voices for weapon violence avoidance that just aren’t getting heard, and options that are getting lost in the speedy cycles of outrage, disaster and reaction.

Help us keep our concentrate on the best ways to repair this issue. Assistance Guardian United States by making a contribution or ending up being a member.

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