Heres Your Ultimate Drinking Game To Kick Off The 2016 Summer Olympics


Take A Drink Anytime:

  • Someone points out Michael Phelps being a record holder.
  • They talk abouthow they’ve “slashed the spending plan” for the opening ceremony/the Olympics in basic in contrast to Beijing.
  • There is a scenic shot of the statue.
  • There’s speak about the Amazon jungle or the environment.
  • An analyst is unpleasant by the “hot” nature of the opening event.
  • There is a celeb you do not acknowledge on screen.
  • There is some sort of creative or pyrotechnic method of forming the famous Olympic rings, or there’s a psychological zoom in/out shot of them and the Olympic logo design set to horns music.

Take Two Drinks When:

  • Someone points out the Zika infection.
  • Somebody shames Russia about the doping scandal.
  • An analyst invests method excessive time speaking about a group’s uniform.
  • There’s a close-up on a professional athlete’s household.
  • Somebody is captured uncomfortable dancing off-beat by an electronic camera.
  • There’s reference of the 5 brand-new sports that will strike the Olympic video games in 2020.
  • A contrast to the Olympics today vs. the Olympics in ancient Greece is made.
  • You find out about an Olympic sport you didn’t understand existed.

Finish Your Drink When:

  • The Olympic torch is lit/shown in a scenic shot.
  • Somebody’s sobbing.
  • A retired professional athlete is discussed at an unsuitable time.
  • The crowd begins shouting, “USA! U.S.A!”
  • You hear or see somebody discuss Giselle Bundchen.

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