How Debbie Reynolds fought for her life


(CNN)Being “unsinkable” is almost difficult when others keep aiming to hold you down. Debbie Reynolds invested a good deal of her life handling guys who attempted to benefit from her.


The scenarios of the last couple of days were no laughing matter. The back-to-back unexpected deaths of Fisher and Reynolds were heart-wrenching, nearly macabre and scary. 2 funnier ladies never ever lived. Females who might inform a joke and take a joke. Ladies who comprehended discomfort and loss and kept returning for more, normally with an excellent return line.
While hosting an Academy Awards sector in 1997, Reynolds stopped briefly while checking out a TelePrompter and asked: “Who composed this drivel?” Out stepped Fisher from the wings. Simply suffice, stated Carrie, an author for that night’s program. “This program might be much shorter anyhow,” Fisher included.
“You could not,” Reynolds responded.
They enjoyed each other. They joked each other. They were there for each other. They still are.

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