I Don’t Like Hillary Clinton, But I’ll Vote For Her Over Donald Trump

I’ m a Bernie Sanders advocate


I ’ ve liked and appreciated him given that prior to he even revealed he would run and I chose him in the New York Democratic primary.

While others dismissed him as a crackpot with extreme point of views, I constantly felt as though he was simply preaching good sense.

I concur with Bernie’ s positions on basically every significant problem, from the impending requirement for project financing reform and the extraordinary significance of attending to environment modification to the gentle and useful concept of purchasing education and health care rather of mass imprisonment.

But, as hard as it is to acknowledge, we’ ve pertained to a point where his project is nearing completion of the roadway.

His challenger, Hillary Clinton , is now thought about the presumptive Democratic candidate for president. Even President Obama has actually now acknowledged this.

The New York billionairehasn’ t even formally been proclaimed the Republican candidate, yet he has actually currently been successful in destructive America’ s worldwide standing .

This guy tosses tantrum when individuals tweet things at him he doesn’ t like, how would he ever have the ability to manage handling controversial world leaders?

There’ s likewise no other way he ’d put the wellness of the countrybefore his companies, as his own individual gain has constantly been his primary concern .

It’ s time to take a look at the huge photo.

Sanders and Clinton really share a great deal of the exact same positions , and voted the exact same method 93 percent of the time throughout the 2 years they shared in the senate together.

Trump, on the other hand, is the reverse of exactly what Bernie Sanders represents.