I Used To Be Afraid, But Then I Learned To Live Life Without You


I utilized to be scared of the dark. I would fear all the beasts concealing under my bed and inside my mind. They constantly appeared to discover their escape in the nighttime. I constantly kept my phone close, and called you for every smallest thing. I believed you, and just you, might safeguard me from my darkest worries and tricks. I thought that without you, the darkness would swallow me entire. When the reality was that without you everything would look brighter, and the dark wouldnt be a danger any longer.

I utilized to be scared of sleeping alone. I thought that our bodies were made to fit together, and without you beside me a piece would be missing out on. Waking up next to your soothing body would assist me feel safe once again if I ever had a headache. It wasnt up until I began sleeping by myself I understood that the scariest problem of them all was the devastating curse you had me under.

I utilized to be scared of isolation. I couldnt picture how I might ever live life by myself. I would invest every awake minute breathing the very same air as you, being too near convenience. Minutes without you would feel insufficient, and my mind would constantly wander to your familiar face. Then I understood that solitude is not something to fear, as being with yourself and getting to understand your body and mind is the most crucial thing you can do in order to enjoy yourself, and then others.

I utilized to be scared of failure. You would make me not feel sufficient, and I would do everything to alter it. You would break me and I would be the one getting the pieces, as my inmost worry was losing you. I attempted so tough to keep you pleased and be everything you desired me to. I believed that if I failed at our relationship, I would be a failure in life. Letting go of you would really turn out to be my greatest achievement, not an indication of weak point.

I utilized to be scared of life without you. Your manipulative however protective method of caring me utilized to terrify me of life by myself. I utilized to believe that I was defenseless, that I might not handle to bring all of it on my bare shoulders. The day I began living life without you, was the day all of those concerns left my mind and body.

I may still be terrified of a great deal of things in life, however releasing you is not among them. Beginning life over without you and our hazardous relationship, taught me that I can really handle to make it through by myself. I am strong and independent, and I do not require no guy to assist me make it through life. I utilized to be scared, however then I learnt how to live life without you.

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