Impossible worlds caught on camera

(CNN) A river that shatters like glass? A canine that drifts like a balloon?

These strange visuals might look like magic initially glimpse, however they are the cautious workmanship of Swedish artist Erik Johansson, who modifies images to produce perfectly strange collages.


    It is exactly what he calls “putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”
    The last and 3rd action of his innovative procedure includes hours of modifying a wide variety of images into one smooth difficult shot, changing his sketch into a surrealist image.
    Once this puzzle is total, Johansson leaves it to the audience to view the mind-bending impressions as they please.
    “I generally do not talk excessive about my work. I ‘d rather hear exactly what other individuals need to spoken. I simply provide my concept and put a title on it, and leave it approximately the audience– I simply hope that individuals will be influenced to believe and see in a various method.”
    See highlights from Johansson’s ‘Perspective Illusion’ series in the gallery above.

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